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Other Work

There's Been an Accident: A Play in 17 Scenes


This play received a reading in fall of 2020. It was a semifinalist in Blank Theatre's Young Playwright's Festival in 2020.

Synopsis: The biggest victims of death are the living. Elliot Branson’s death left behind two and a half casualties: his sister Emma, his wife Gwen, and his unborn child. Now, the sisters in law must navigate life without Eli and investigate the circumstances of his untimely passing. As secrets come out and new people enter the (polaroid) picture, they must come to terms with themselves, each other, and the accidents that have defined their lives.

Pineapple on the Mantle

Playwright, Assistant Director, Stage Manager

A play written, produced, and staged in 48 hours total as part of Historic Savannah Theatre's 48 Hour Play Festival. Won Best Director and runner up for Best Play

Synopsis: A bed and breakfast owner tries to prepare her establishment for a visiting critic, but must deal with annoying guests and an idiotic husband in the process.


Something Medium: A Play in 19 Scenes


Synopsis: What does it mean to have faith? After four years apart, half sisters Grace and Rachel must define faith for themselves. While navigating significant relationships both new and old, they must fight against the forces controlling them, whether it be an abusive marriage or a literal cult, to find their way back to something medium. Something smaller than religion, but larger than their own lives. Something medium.

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