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Show Writing Projects

The Secrets of Bionicall Manor: Escape the Mechan Mansion
(An Interactive, Story Driven Experience)

Show Writer, Project Lead

Synopsis:  Explore the secrets of Bionicall Manor, the abandoned home of an aristocratic android family, as you try to find your escape. Set in a far distant future that looks strangely similar to our past, uncover what became of Dr. Hubert Vicaran and his mechanical family through an escape room style experience with multiple endings. When machinery is made out of plants and the people are made out of metal, can you solve their disappearances and successfully escape the manor?


This project is a personal portfolio piece. It is a location based, mansion wide escape room with multiple escape paths, interactive endings where your decisions matter, and engaging experiences for everyone, from the deepest lore divers to the escape room speedrunners.

Image courtesy of Wix (SketchUp model in the works)

The Search for Killigan's Treasure: A Pirate Themed Scavenger Hunt

Show Writer, Creative Director, Project Lead, Director, Executive Producer, Production Manager

Scavenger Hunt Poster.jpg

Synopsis:  Out in the Atlantic Ocean there lies a chain of islands, hidden from the rest of the world. On those islands there is a pirate treasure lost to time, the likes of which would make anyone very, very powerful... Join a pirate crew and search for the fabled treasure of the notorious Captain Killigan with your fellow pirates and an authentic pirate captain to guide you!


This project was one of the biggest productions SCAD's  Dramatic Writing department has ever put on. I created round and complex characters for guests to interact with. I also created an interesting and unique set of clues to guide guests to the treasure. Additionally, I brought the creative vision to life by enlisting a group of 20 actors and creatives and guiding them to bring the project to life. On a very limited budget, I ensured immersion and guest satisfaction in every minute of the 3-hour event.


Poster design courtesy of myself

Photography by Emily Cole

A Night At Sea: A Yacht Casino Night Murder Mystery Party

Show Writer, Creative Director, Project Lead, Director, Producer, Production Manager

Synopsis: ​Attend a Night at Sea and investigate the murder of the wealthy host who invited you aboard. Gambling and intrigue await you as what was supposed to be a (mostly) harmless night of fun devolves into a gritty murder investigation.


This project was one of the biggest productions SCAD's  Dramatic Writing department has ever put on.  I brought it from conception to production. I recruited creatives, cast actors, created characters, and orchestrated a fun, interactive night of intrigue for guests of all disciplines to enjoy.


Poster design courtesy of Kathryn Harrison

Photography by Jenna Yandle


Atomica: An Educational Science Theme Park

Story Writer, Themed Entertainment Designer, Master Planner

A theme park that combines science and thrill into one. I took broad areas of scientific study, such as physics and biology, and explored them through dark rides, coasters, and interactive live entertainment shows. I worked to make education fun and fun educational in order to bring the passion for learning to even the most stubborn guests.

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