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Themed Entertainment Design Projects

Imagination Food Kiosk and Pavilion

Themed Entertainment Designer

A personal project. A theoretical food kiosk based on Disney's Imagination Pavilion. I took the concept of imagination and applied to an interactive food kiosk. The menu consists of wild combinations of typical children's flavors (including an apple pie grilled cheese.) The kiosk itself is constructed from oversized versions of children's building blocks. It also has a working Rube Goldberg machine that "delivers" orders to guests. The pavilion includes a playground, also made from oversized building blocks.

Hollow Knight: City of Tears Themed Restaurant

Themed Entertainment Designer

A personal project. A theoretical restaurant design based on the popular video game Hollow Knight by Team Cherry. The restaurant is based off of the area "City of Tears", which is the central hub of society within the game. The restaurant represents what a restaurant would look like in game as well as what a Hollow Knight themed restaurant would look like in real life. I lifted motifs and design elements from the game and adapted them into a modeled restaurant design.

Atomic Age Study

Themed Entertainment Designer

A personal project. A study room for a divorcee who loves innovation and "modern" technology. This project is set in the atomic age of America, the late 1940's.

Operation X: A Spy Themed Rollercoaster

Themed Entertainment Designer and Show Writer

A personal project. A rollercoaster, queue, show building, and gift shop themed after the concept of spies. This used the ride layout of Dollywood's Wild Eagle as a reference.


The queue consists of a law office, which transitions into a spy headquarters as guests enter the showroom through the CEO's office. From there, guests enter the queue building, themed as a spy garage, and experience a high-energy spy mission as they traverse the coaster. After departure, the guests debrief in the garage queue, exit through the gift shop, and are given the chance to interact with "operatives" throughout the park in a spy-themed scavenger hunt to earn a spy gadget prize.

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